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NOTE: Throughout this web site,
the names of clients and their dogs have
been changed, and the faces of clients have
been hidden, to protect their identities.

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Who We Are

Service Dogs for Victims of Assault (SDVA) trains dogs as service animals for crime victims/survivors. These specially trained dogs are trained to mitigate each victims/survivors disability and instill realistic confidence in victims/survivors who are still addressing the traumas of their rapes, assaults, or stalking experiences. The Americans With Disabilities Act as well as other Federal Regulations, protect individual rights to have a service animal. SDVA provides complete services to the dogs and the clients including:

    * Educational programs to teach the public about having dogs for hidden disabilities.

    * Publicity which educates about SDVA's services.

    * Spaying and neutering all dogs in our program.

    * Fund raising activities which finance the SDVA programs.

    * Placement of dogs who do not complete training in permanent pet homes.

To contact us directly, you may use one of the following methods:

email: or

phone: 503-262-7101


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