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Dogs are given specialized training to meet the specific needs of each client. SDVA trains clients with pre-screened, evaluated & temperament tested dogs secured by SDVA to train their service dog with the guidance of our professional certified trainers. Extreme care is taken in matching client with dog. Service dogs are always under the control of their handlers.

Part of client training includes instruction in personal safety which will likely help to prevent further attacks or stalking incidents from occurring. Clients are also taught to take their dogs everywhere, because these dogs are of little help when they are left in the car. Service dogs can ride on public buses, in the passenger compartment of an airplane, they can go into movies and restaurants, and they can go grocery shopping with you. They can also live in buildings which prohibit pets -- because they are not pets! They can do all these things because they are service dogs with federally protected status. Clients learn animal management, First Aid and their new lifestyle under carefully supervised instruction.

Training contracts commit a client to training their dog for 1 full year before certification.

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