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2006 CBJ Licenses Now Available!

The Gastineau Humane Society's mission is to eliminate cruelty and suffering to animals by promoting compassion and kindness toward domestic and companion animals.
Frequently Asked Questions

2006 CBJ Licenses Now Available!


We provide shelter for lost, homeless, abandoned, and abused animals, while actively seeking loving, permanent homes. Other services include dog licensing, dog boarding, pet grooming facilities by appointment, animal behavior consultants, dog obedience classes, and spay/neuter discount coupons.

Animal Control Officers respond to public concerns about animals at large or creating a nuisance, and investigate reports of animal neglect and cruelty. CBJ ordinances define the perimeters of these services.

We work at local and regional levels to offer programs, services and up-to-date information on animal care. Through the schools and other community groups, we seek to increase public awareness of the problems of animal abuse and overpopulation with projects like KIND News, a four page newspaper for elementary school children, and the First Strike campaign against animal cruelty and domestic violence.

We are helping to make our communities better places for people and animals. Join us. We can’t do it alone!

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2006 Dog Licenses are now for sale! Click here to learn more.

GHS is now collecting trail information as it relates to dogs on trails in Juneau. Click here for the most recent log!

Membership in GHS is a great way for you to support the Juneau community.  Click here for a membership application.

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