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This list is not comprehensive -
There are additional links on the states pages - I attempt to keep them current.

Dobermans in Pounds, Animal Control & Humane Societies - dogs, cats, etc. in animal shelters, search by breed. Search by zipcode and breed.
Next linkPet Harbor - Many animal shelters use the Petharbor software to list adoptable dogs. Search by your geographic area. This site is more limited than petfinder, but it may find dogs in your local shelter which are not on Petfinder.

Kyler Lairds list of shelters - huge list, international in scope
Kyler Lairds list of breed rescue organizations

Lost & Found Animals

Rescue Organization Home Pages: United States

Groups which support doberman rescue nationally.

Rescue Doberman Pinscher Club of America - Rescue
Rescue Special Needs Dobermans
Rescue The Senior Doberman Project

West Coast

Aztec Doberman Pinscher Rescue (San Diego, CA)

East Coast
Cavalier Doberman Pinscher Club Rescue - Hampton Roads VA

DAR&E - Doberman Assistance, Rescue, and Education, Inc. (DAR&E) is a non-profit organization based in Maryland. Serving Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia

Doberman Rescue Unlimited - New England & Eastern New York - has shelter, up to 30 rescues available at any one time (page is slow to load)

See states pages for additional information.

Ohio: Visit the webpage for OHIO here.

Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue, Inc. - Texas

Doberman Rescue of North Texas - Lists adoptable dogs. Very useful site.

Information about Doberman Rescue
The ABCs of Doberman Adoption:
What to expect when you adopt a doberman from a rescue organization

For more doberman links, check out Dogs Connections - Working Breeds