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Doberman Rescue Group (BIXBY) They have several adults and young dobermans listed for adoption there. "We spay or neuter; all health checked. We housebreak,crate train, and teach basic commands. All of our dogs go to indoor homes and we follow for the life of the dog."

PAWS Doberman Rescue PAWS Doberman Rescue is located in Piedmont, Oklahoma (just outside Oklahoma City). All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and checked for heartworms. Check out some of the dogs that are currently available!
- they also have several dogs available.

For more information contact:

Tulsa Marcia & David Cowan Doberman Rescue Group - there are many dogs listed (with photos) on their web site. (918) 366-4554
Piedmont Judy Swaim
PAWS Doberman Rescue 
(405) 373-2331
Kansas City, Mo. KC Doberman Rescue, Inc.

816-505-2275 (816-505-BARK)

And be sure to check your local shelters. lists dogs available by breed and zipcode for many shelters. Select dog, put in doberman and put in your zipcode.