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New York

There are many dobermans available in shelters and rescue homes in this state.

Please contact your local rescue, or visit your area animal shelter if you are interested in adopting a doberman.

Note: there are many more dobermans in this state looking for homes. lists dogs available by breed and zipcode for many shelters. Select dog, put in doberman and put in your zipcode.

And be sure to check your local shelters.

New York has many animal shelters.  Dobermans are almost always waiting for homes in shelters, animal control facilities, humane societies and rescue groups.  

See: This website lists dogs available by breed and zipcode. - dogs, cats, etc. in animal shelters, search by breed. For best results go to the breed index.

Here is a huge list of animal shelters you can use: Kyler Laird's list of Shelters

Note: Here is an article about the animal over population situation in NYC.
I hope you will read it.
New York dobermans, and other animals really need all the help they can get.