Doberman Pinscher Rescue - National Listings by state

Rescue Representatives for Indiana
For more information please contact:

Humane Society of Indianapolis - this shelter takes in over 12,000 animals a year. Some of them assuredly are dobermans. Visit their lovely website for additional information.


Kumiko and Chris Wilkinson
Buckskin, IN, 47647
Phone: 812-795-2526

Eileen Wayte
Northwest Indiana Doberman Rescue

Phone: 773-834-3757

Chris Thomas - RES Q 1
Phone: 765-342-0449


To see if there are other dobermans in your area

visit your local animal control shelter. See Kyler Laird's list of animal shelters for additional links to Indiana animal control facilities and shelters.

try This web site lists dogs available by breed and zipcode. - dogs, cats, etc. in animal shelters, humane organizations, and rescue groups. For best results go to the breed index.